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We help people & businesses make more informed decisions about their energy usage, appliance choices & sustainability strategies.

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Get get data-driven, practical insights from comprehensive energy efficiency studies & experienced sustainability consultants.

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Most Popular

TV wattage image with 2 kids watching tv

TV Wattage – Most Efficient TVs Revealed [With Data]

How much electricity does a TV use? Find out here and see the most efficient models (by screen size) based on a study of 107 of the best and most efficient TVs on the market.

See how much it costs to run an electric fireplace, get 8 practical cost saving tips and use this calculator to see how much it costs you to run your (or any) electric fireplace.

How many watts does a freezer use? Find out here, by type & brand, based on 354 models. Get a shortlist of energy efficient freezers & see which freezer is the most efficient on the market.

Our Team

Our core team members are supported by our network or energy management and sustainability consultants.

Profile picture of James, Eco Cost Savings co-founder.


Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

James is also our experienced in-house energy management and sustainability expert, and manager of our network of sustainability consultants. Before his journey into sustainability, James studied engineering. Additionally, he has experience in HVAC installation, and data analysis. A self-proclaimed practical environmentalist, and avid penny pincher, James established Eco Cost Savings to share his and his colleague’s expertise with the aim of helping to reduce energy bills and carbon footprints at scale.

Read more about James, here.

Profile picture of James F

James F

Content & Website Manager

James F (not to be confused with co-founder James) is our lead author, content & website manager. He has a BSc. in Digital Marketing, and a Diploma in IT. He became a qualified electrician while studying electrical engineering part-time. From wind and solar photovoltaic installers, James F worked with many certified energy practitioners and energy consultants before joining the core team. He also helped build the most downloaded energy saving app while working with a leading Utility company.

Read more about James F, here.

Placeholder profile picture for Grace


Operations Specialist

Grace is our operations lead, and also manages our social media channels. She’s our all-rounder. From video production, research support, to graphic design, Grace is an essential part of our core team. Previously, before joining ECS, Grace worked as an office manager, and translator. Grace has certifications in Project Management, Data Analysis, Advanced Excel, and Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Read more about Grace, here.

Large Appliances

Dryer Wattage & Energy Usage [Most Efficient Revealed]

How much electricity does a dryer use? Find out here. And get key information on dryer wattage for both 120V & 240V dryers. Plus, see which is the most energy efficient dryer on the market.

See how much power a washing machine uses, and how much it costs per load, month and year. And get 6 easy tips to reduce your running costs.

How much electricity does a dishwasher use? Find out here, based on 601 models. Plus, see which is the most energy efficient dishwasher and find the electricity usage per cycle by brand.

Heating and cooling

Window AC Wattage image containing a window air conditioner installed in a window frame

Window AC Wattage [1,037 Units Studied | Most Efficient Revealed]

How many watts does a window AC use? Find out here & see the most energy efficient window air conditioner & the lowest watt window AC. Plus, get 3 steps to choose the most efficient unit for your needs.

How much does it cost to run a portable air conditioner? Find out here. Also, get running costs of the lowest wattage & most efficient units. Plus, use this calculator to see your own specific costs.

Based on a comprehensive heat pump energy efficiency study, see which heat pump has the highest HSPF, get a list of the top 10 units, & see what is considered a good HSPF rating.

Food prep Appliances

Microwave Wattage Revealed [203 Studied | Most Efficient + Conversion Calculators]

How many watts does a microwave use? (It’s not as obvious as you might think) Find out here. See which is the most energy efficient microwave, based on 203 models, and use this microwave wattage conversion calculator to adjust recommended cooking times.

See how much it costs to run a refrigerator in the US and the UK. And get 9 simple tips to reduce your running costs along with your carbon footprint.

How many watts does a toaster use, & which is the lowest wattage toaster? Find out here, based on power consumption tests, & a 226+ toaster wattage study. Plus, see the cost per use, hour, & more.

Beverage prep Appliances

Electric Kettle Running Costs [7 Tips To Keep Your Cost Low]

See how much this energy guzzling appliance costs per use and per month, in 40 different countries.

See the most energy efficient coffee makers, running costs and the average coffee maker wattage based on 117 of the top selling machines. Also, reduce your running costs easily with these 5 tips.

Every wonder what the electricity cost of a coffee is from a Dolce Gusto? I did. Get a breakdown of the power consumption and electricity cost per cup here.

Electric Vehicles

Average Electric Car KWh Per Mile [Results From 231 EVs]

Find the average electric car kWh per mile, along with the best and the worst. Plus see the costs, savings and how you can go greener.

How much does it cost to charge an electric bike once, and for a full year? Find out here, and get 8 ways to reduce your ebike charging costs.

Which has the lowest charging and running costs, electric scooters, electric bikes or electric cars? Find out here.

Electronics Running Costs

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use? [Actual Usage & Costs Revealed – 1,084 Studied]

Based on laptop power consumption tests, get the actual answer to: how many watts does a laptop use? Plus, get key laptop wattage details, running costs & get 10 effective cost saving tips.

How much electricity does a PS5 consume? Find out here and get an hourly, weekly, monthly and annual cost breakdown. Plus, find out how you can easily reduce these costs and your carbon footprint.

From standby mode, to gaming and max capacity, get a cost breakdown of running the Xbox Series X per hour, month and year. And get 4 tips that’ll save you money and minimize your carbon footprint.

Fan Power Consumption Study Results

Ceiling Fan Power, Efficiency & CFM [195 Fans Compared + Results]

Get the average ceiling fan wattage, cost to run, a comprehensive CFM comparison and other key results from research into 195 of the best ceiling fans on the market.

How many watts does a box fan use? See the average & get a breakdown of wattage based on size. Also, get the wattage of over 40 of the most popular and efficient box fans.

This study of 0000’s of fans compares ceiling, box, tower and table / pedestal / standing fans to reveal the most efficient fan type and models. So how much electricity does a fan use? Find out here.

Air modification Energy Usage

Air Purifier Power Results [243 Analysed | Most Efficient Revealed]

Study of 243 air purifiers reveals the most energy efficient air purifier, the average air purifier power consumption along with insights into their effectiveness (incl. CADR/W and CFM). Get the results here.

How much electricity does a dehumidifier use? Find out here (based on 573 models). Plus, get details on dehumidifier wattage and see which is the most energy efficient dehumidifier on the market.

Electric devices that heat water (or air) are usually energy guzzlers. But is this the case for essential oil diffusers? Find out here & see how you can quickly reduce your electric bills & carbon footprint.


Smarter decisions about your appliances can reduce your bills and impact on the environment.

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See how much it costs to run your appliances, and what impact all appliances are having on the environment.

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