James F

Job title: Content & Website Manager

James F, not to be confused with Eco Cost Savings (ECS) co-founder James, is our content and website manager, and lead author. 

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James F (Content & Website Manager).

James F has a BSc. in Digital Marketing, and a Diploma in IT. He’s a qualified electrician, studied electrical engineering part-time, and is obsessed with renewable energy tech.

Previously, James F worked for a leading utility company. Here, he worked with sustainability engineers to produce the most downloaded energy saving app in the country.

From wind and solar photovoltaic installers, James F worked with many certified energy practitioners and energy consultants before getting into web development.

James F’s articles have been featured in leading publications, such as:

  • The Wall Street Journal;
  • Observer; and 
  • Metro.

James F is an EV and digital privacy enthusiast, loves data, and enjoys helping people reduce their bills and carbon footprint.

James F and ECS-founder James originally met while both were working for different utility companies – they reconnected 8 years later to work together on ECS.

James F enjoys DIY projects, hikes, and currently lives in Ireland with his wife.

Email: [email protected].