James F

James F (not to be confused with ECS co-founder James) is our lead author, content & website manager. He has a BSc. in Digital Marketing, and a Diploma in IT. He became a qualified electrician while studying electrical engineering part-time. From wind and solar photovoltaic installers, James F worked with many certified energy practitioners and energy consultants before joining the core ECS team. He also helped build the most downloaded energy saving app while working with a leading utility company. Read more about James F or connect directly on LinkedIn, here.

Solar Generator For Freezer Image containing a solar generator and two freezers outside a house

Solar Generator For Freezer [What You Need To Know]

Will a solar generator power a freezer? Get key solar generator considerations (incl. 4 steps to appropriate sizing) that’ll help you take your freezer off-grid or simply keep it running during a blackout.