Dehumidifier Amps [Listed By Size, Efficiency & Stage]

Last updated: February 5, 2024.

How many amps does a dehumidifier use? Find out here. See how dehumidifier amps vary on start-up, when running and by size. And see how dehumidifier amperage compares with the amperage of energy efficient models in 2024.

This article reveals how many amps a dehumidifier uses. Dehumidifier amps are listed by stage (i.e. start-up and running), size / capacity and energy efficiency.


  • Dehumidifiers draw between 2.2A and 10A when running, with 7.8A being most common;
  • On start-up, dehumidifiers temporarily draw up to 27A and more, but 13A is typical; and
  • The dehumidifier that’s the #1 Best Seller on Amazon draws 3.7A when running. This low amperage is expected given it received the coveted “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” label – check it out, here.

Dehumidifier amperage increases with size. So, continue reading to see how many amps 20, 30, 40 and 50 pint dehumidifiers use

How many amps does a dehumidifier use image of a dehumidifier in front of a wall

How many amps does a dehumidifier use

Dehumidifiers typically draw between 2.2A and 10A when running. On start-up, the amp draw temporarily spikes to 27A or more in some cases, but 13A is typical.

Below, you’ll see how many amps 20 to 50 pint dehumidifiers use, and you’ll see a sample list of amperage for ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers.

But first, let’s look at how many amps dehumidifiers use on start-up and while running.

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Dehumidifier amp draw on start-up

On start-up, dehumidifiers can draw over 5 times the amount of amps than what it uses when running.

Many household appliances, particularly those with electric motors (e.g. washing machines, clothes dryers), draw significantly more current on start-up. Dehumidifiers do the same.

Dehumidifier components (such as compressors, coils and fans) draw more current initially to start. The current draw then drops. This is because dehumidifiers require more power on start-up than they do when running.

Standard circuits cater to initial spikes in current draw. Typically, household circuits are protected by 13A breakers. Unless the initial draw is significantly higher than the breaker size, the breaker will not trip. 

Standard household outlets can be used to run household dehumidifiers in the vast majority of cases.

Whole-home dehumidifiers require specialist installation and industrial dehumidifiers may require more current. But the vast majority of portable dehumidifiers can run off of standard circuits.

Dehumidifier amps drawn on start-up – the figures

Dehumidifiers typically have a start-up amp draw of 13A. However, it’s common to see an initial spike in current that’s 20A and higher.

The highest initial amp draw that I came across in my research into dehumidifier energy efficiency is 27A. For example, check out the amperage listed in the product description for the “BLACK+DECKER 4500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier with Drain Pump” on Amazon, here.

After start-up, its running draw drops to 5 amps.

Next, let’s take a look at how many amps a dehumidifier draws when running.

Dehumidifier amp draw when running

Dehumidifiers typically draw from 2.2A to 10A when running, with 7.8A being the most common.

After the initial spike in amp draw when starting, dehumidifier amp draw drops significantly. This is because it’s more energy efficient to continue to run the device’s components than it is to start them up and get them running.

It’s safe to run a portable household dehumidifier on a standard household outlet protected by a 10A / 13A breaker, in the vast majority of cases. 

However, do check dehumidifier product descriptions and manuals before buying to verify this.

The amount of amps drawn by a dehumidifier tends to increase with its size. So let’s take a brief look at this. 

How many amps do 20, 30, 40 and 50 pint dehumidifiers use

The table below lists the typical amp draw by modern dehumidifiers of different sizes.

SizeRunning Amps
20 pint dehumidifier3.5A
30 pint dehumidifier4.2A
40 pint dehumidifier5A
50 pint dehumidifier7A

As you can see, the amount of amps drawn increases with dehumidifier capacity.

Larger, older, and less efficient dehumidifiers can draw a higher current than what’s listed in the table above. These models bring the most common dehumidifier amperage up to 7.8A.

But next, let’s focus more on the amperage of energy efficient dehumidifiers.

Energy efficient dehumidifier amperage

Energy efficient dehumidifiers typically draw between 2.2A and 5A when running.

The start-up amperage can remain just as high as less efficient dehumidifiers (approx. 13A to 27A and even higher in some cases).

Energy efficient dehumidifiers in 2024 draw less power than older, less efficient dehumidifiers while still achieving the same or better results.

ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers typically consume 15% less energy than standard dehumidifiers, according to ENERGY STAR.

The table below provides a sample of energy efficient dehumidifier amperage.

Start-Up AmpsRunning AmpsVoltageProduct details (Amazon links)
13A2.2A115VGet details, here.
15.2A2.35A115VSee appliance details, here.
19.4A2.9A115VLearn more, here.
13A3A115VSee specs, here.
Unknown3.7A120VGet details, here.
23A4.8A115VSee dehumidifier specs, here.
27A5A115VSee details, here.

All of these dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR certified. Most of these listed are BLACK+DECKER, simply because they make their amperage more accessible.

The #1 Best Seller on Amazon is also listed – the hOme HME020030N (bolded in the table above). Unfortunately I couldn’t find the start-up current draw. However, at 3.7A, the amount of amps drawn while running is low.

This is to be expected given the fact that this dehumidifier is not just ENERGY STAR certified, but it also received the coveted “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” label.

Check it out, here.

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