How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use? Tests Reveal Actual PS4 Wattage & Costs By Mode

Last updated: February 11, 2024.

See how many watts a PS4 uses by mode. Tests, using an energy monitor, reveal actual PS4 wattage and power consumption over time. PS4 monthly costs (incl. TV running costs) are also included.

After running tests with an energy monitor, this article answers the question “how many watts does a PS4 use”. Running costs and manufacturer specifications are also listed.


  • A PS4 uses between 165 watts and 310 watts (max), costing 2 – 5 cents per hour in electricity, on average in the US.
  • Including the most common TV power consumption and a PlayStation Plus monthly subscription, the estimated monthly costs for the average US gamer using a PS4 is $10.87 to $11.05.
  • Gaming on a PS4 uses approx. 120 watts, increasing to 144 watts using a PS VR.
  • On standby, the PS4 uses 0.47 watts, while streaming videos uses close to 99 watts.

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Continue reading to see the electricity costs for each PS4 mode, and find out how you can reduce your running costs.

Plus, this article has been updated in 2024 to include 2 helpful calculators; a PS4 power consumption calculator, and a running cost calculator.

How Many Watts Does A PS4 Use image of a PS4 console, 3 dualshock controllers and 2 PS VR headsets

How many watts does a PS4 use

A PS4 uses between 165 watts and 310 watts, max, costing between 2 cents and 5 cents per hour in electricity, on average in the US.

The PS4 Slim uses the least amount of watts (165W max), followed by the original PS4 (250W max). The PS4 Pro uses the most amount of watts, at 310W max.

How many watts a PS4 actually uses depends on many factors. The PS4 mode is the biggest factor that impacts the amount of watts actually used.

After running tests using an energy monitor, the following is a brief summary of how many watts a PS4 uses in different modes:

  • A PS4 on standby uses 0.47 watts.
  • A PS4 in idle uses 85.6 watts.
  • A PS4 streaming video uses close to 99 watts.
  • Gaming on a PS4 uses approx. 120 watts.
  • Gaming on a PS4 with a PS VR uses approx. 144 watts.

Continue reading to get the exact results from the tests, along with the running costs, for each PS4 mode.

But first, let’s look at the maximum PS4 wattage in more detail.

PS4 wattage

PS4 wattage ranges from 165W to 310W, max, depending on the version.

The table below lists the wattage of the different PS4 versions.

PS4 versionPS4 wattage (max)
PS4 Original250W
PS4 Slim165W
PS4 Pro310W

The PS4 Pro has a maximum wattage of 310W, while the original PS4 comes in at 250W and the PS4 Slim has a max power rating of 165W.

PS4 wattage is the device’s maximum power consumption.

However, the actual amount of power consumed will depend on the mode being used.

Let’s take a look at how many watts a PS4 actually uses by running several tests. But first, some details on the test.

PS4 wattage test

To find the actual amount of watts that a PS4 uses, I monitored the power consumed by an original PS4 in various modes.

The modes tested range from standby through to gaming, including gaming on PS VR.

I monitored the amount of watts consumed by each mode using a Kasa Smart Plug / Energy Monitor – check it out on Amazon, here.

After monitoring the watts consumed for several minutes, I recorded the average wattage for each mode.

So, how many watts does a PS4 use? Let’s jump into the figures.

How many watts a PS4 uses (by mode)

A PS4 uses .47W in standby mode, 85.6W while idle, close to 99W while streaming, approx. 120W while gaming and roughly 144W gaming in VR.

The table below lists the amount of watts a PS4 uses in various modes, along with the estimated hourly and monthly running costs.

PS4 modeWatts usedHourly cost ($0.15 per kWh)Monthly cost (running 6.76 hrs p/w – avg. for US gamers)
PS4 standby (off but plugged in)0.47W$0.000071$0.0019
PS4 user login screen (1st screen after startup)83.9W$0.012585$0.3403
PS4 dashboard (idle)85.6W$0.01284$0.3472
PS4 dashboard (idle) + charging controller90.1W$0.013515$0.3654
PS VR on standby (off but plugged in)0.15W$0.000023$0.0006
PS4 dashboard (idle) + PS VR on92.5W$0.013875$0.3752
PS4 streaming YouTube98.4W$0.01476$0.3991
PS4 streaming Netflix99.9W$0.014985$0.4052
PS4 streaming Amazon Prime Video100W$0.015$0.4056
PS4 gaming (Sonic Classic, via disk)99.8W$0.01497$0.4048
PS4 gaming (Lost Souls III, via disk)141W$0.02115$0.5719
PS4 gaming with PS VR (The Playroom VR – Robots Rescue)144W$0.0216$0.5841

The running costs are based on a 15 cent per kWh rate (the US average, according to Statista) and assumes 6.76 hours per week of usage (the average amount of time US gamers spend playing games – source).

Let’s take a look at PS4 power consumption in each mode in more detail.

PS4 standby wattage

On standby, the PS4 uses .47W. 

If you have a PS VR also plugged in, the overall PS4 standby wattage increases to .62W.

This is because the PS VR uses .15W, on average, in standby mode.

Charging a Dualshock controller while on standby also increases PS4 standby wattage, by 4.5W. 

Leaving your PS4 plugged in 24/7 without using it, will cost you close to 62 cents per year.

This increases to an estimated $0.81 if you also leave a PS VR plugged in.

PS4 idle wattage

When idle, a PS4 uses between 83.9W and 92.5W.

The amount of watts used when the PS4 is idle depends on various factors including where it is idle, and if there are any accessories connected.

When idle on the user login screen (i.e. on the 1st screen that shows after startup), the PS4 uses 83.9W.

This increases to 85.6W when you’re idle on the dashboard.

If you have a Dualshock controller charging while idle on the dashboard, you can expect the power consumption to be 90.1W.

If you’re idle on the dashboard, and you don’t have a controller charging, but you do have a PS VR in on mode, the amount of watts consumed will be closer to 92.5W.

When idle, a PS4 costs between $0.012585 and $0.013875 per hour. 

If idle and running 24/7, PS4 electricity cost works out to $9.36 – $10.32 per month.

PS4 streaming wattage

PS4 streaming uses 98.4W to 100W.

Streaming YouTube on a PS4 uses 98.4W, while streaming Netflix uses 99.9W and Amazon Prime Video uses 100W.

Per hour, streaming videos on a PS4 costs $0.01476 to $0.015.

Using a PS4 to stream video 24/7 for a full month costs around $10.98 to $11.16.

PS4 gaming wattage

Gaming on a PS4 uses between 99.8W and 144W.

Ultimately, however, the amount of watts consumed will depend on many factors.

Games that require low processing power will use around 100W or lower.

Gaming using a PS VR will consume a lot more power.

VR gaming on the PS4 uses around 144W.

PS4 gaming costs $0.01497 to $0.0216 per hour.

The average US gamer plays for 6.76 hours per week. Gaming on the PS4 for this amount of time costs between 40 cents and 59 cents per month, on average.

But these costs are just for running a PS4 and its accessories. TV running costs and subscription fees are not included.

So next, let’s estimate the total cost of gaming on a PS4 per month.

But first, here’s a PS4 power consumption calculator that’ll help you estimate your PS4’s consumption, based on your own usage…

PS4 power consumption calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your PS4 power consumption per hour, day, week, month and year, based on your own usage.

Simply enter your daily usage, for each mode, to see how much electricity your PS4 consumes.

The calculator is pre-populated with the PS4 wattage (which is the max power its expected to draw), and the power draw on Standby (specifically, when it’s off but still plugged in).

If needed, update the wattage fields to better reflect your own usage. Use the electricity consumption table above to see the power draw during various modes and with various peripheral devices connected.

The results assume continuous max draw for each mode.

So, now that we know the power consumption of your own PS4, let’s take a look at the running costs.

PS4 monthly costs for gaming

PS4 monthly costs for gaming works out to approx. $10.87 cents to $11.05, on average.

This takes into account PS4 electricity costs, a PlayStation Plus monthly subscription, along with TV electricity costs.

The table below gives a breakdown of PS4 monthly costs for gaming.

PS4 game examplePS4 electricity cost per month (6.76 hrs p/w, $0.15 per kWh)PlayStation Plus monthly subscriptionTV running cost per month (6.76 hrs p/w, $0.15 per kWh, 117W TV)Total monthly gaming cost
PS4 gaming (Sonic Classic, via disk)$0.4048$9.99$0.4746$10.8693
PS4 gaming (Lost Souls III, via disk)$0.5719$9.99$0.4746$11.0364
PS4 VR gaming (The Playroom VR – Robots Rescue)$0.5841$9.99$0.4746$11.0486

The TV wattage used in this calculation is 117W – the most common TV wattage.

The calculations only take into account the running costs while gaming. Other costs, such as power consumed in standby mode, charging controllers, buying new games, etc., are not included.

People that game more than the average gamer will have higher electricity costs.

Let’s take an example to the extreme.

Gaming on a PS4 24/7 will cost approx. $24.19 to $29.13 per month.

But what about your own specific costs? You may pay more or less per kWh than average.

To estimate your cost to run your PS4, based on your usage and kWh rate, use the PS4 Cost To Run Calculator below.

PS4 cost to run calculator

Use this PS4 Cost To Run Calculator to see how much it costs you to run your PS4, based on your usage and your own electricity cost.

Simply enter your usage, and the price you pay per kWh, to see your PS4 electricity costs per hour, day, week, month, and year.

Results assume continuous max power draw during usage.

OK. Now that we know how many watts a PS4 uses and how much a PS4 costs to run, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions.


How to reduce the cost of running your PS4

Below are resources that will help you keep your PS4 electricity costs low.

They’re not written specifically for the PS4 but the energy saving tips do apply, so do check them out.

I hope these tips help you reduce your PS4 running costs. They also have the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, which is a nice bonus.