PS5 vs Xbox Power Consumption [Which Is Cheaper To Run?]

Last updated: February 10, 2024.

Which is cheaper to run, the PS5 or Xbox Series X? See how the power consumption of the PS5 compares with the Xbox Series X in different modes, and how they will impact electricity bills.

As the 2 leading games consoles go face to face in their battle for market share, many comparisons are made. Instead of comparing price or hardware, let’s take a look at how the power consumption of the PS5 and Xbox Series X compares and see how both consoles impact your electricity bill.

The PS5 is slightly cheaper to run compared to the Xbox Series X (approx. 50 cent difference annually). However, due to the higher power rating, the PS5 has the potential to be more expensive as more games are introduced.

Continue reading to see how this was worked out and see how the specific running costs compare.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Power Consumption image | Eco Cost Savings

PS5 vs Xbox Series X power consumption

How does the PS5 power consumption compare with the Xbox Series X power consumption? Let’s take a look.

ModePS5 WattageXbox Series X Wattage
Power Off1.3W0-2W
Gaming (Max Found To Date)203W211W
Max Capacity350W315W

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Early tests of the consoles show only slight differences in consumption between the various different modes.

While overall the power consumption is similar, many variables do come into play such as the game being played, what settings are used and how the consoles are being used (e.g. gaming, streaming, etc.). But the above does give a good indication of how the power consumption compares.

One extra thing to note is that the Xbox Series X’s instant-on standby mode, not listed in the table, consumes approx. 29W.

To work out the power consumption of your console, based on your usage, use the PS5 power consumption calculator, here, or the Xbox Series X power consumption calculator, here.

Now, let’s compare the running costs.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X 1 hour running costs

Now that we have the power consumption, we can easily work out the running costs per hour.

The table below shows how the power consumption costs of the PS5 compares to the Series X, using the average kWh price in the US – 13 cents.

ModePS5 WattageXbox Series X WattagePS5 cost p/hXbox Series X cost p/h
Power Off1.32$0.00017$0.00026
Gaming (Max Found To Date)203211$0.026$0.027
Max Capacity350315$0.046$0.041

The costs are very similar over 1 hour.

The cost difference is up to 1 cent in the PS5’s favor, until maximum capacity is used (if ever). Then the Xbox Series X is more cost effective to run.

The data is a little unfair to Xbox Series X, however. I’ve used the max power recorded during power off. 

And the max power consumed during gaming on the Series X just so happens to be higher than the PS5 – the games played during testing were different (a direct game comparison was not available).

The key takeaway is that, over 1 hour, there is very little difference between the power consumption and, therefore, the running costs of both consoles. 

But, what about over a longer period of time, will there be a noticeable difference?

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Weekly and annual cost of running PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Assuming the average 6.76 hours p/w of gameplay (at peak consumption), 2 hours on the dashboard and 40 hours powered off but still plugged in, let’s take a look at the weekly and annual power consumption cost of running a PS5 vs the Xbox Series X.

ModePS5 cost p/wSeries X cost p/wPS5 cost p/ySeries X cost p/y
Power Off$0.01$0.01$0.35$0.54

According to the data that is currently available, it is cheaper to run a PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X.

The overall cost difference is not exactly substantial, working out at just under 50 cents per year.

The PS5 is cheaper to run in gaming mode at peak consumption, while the Xbox Series X is cheaper when in the dashboard.

But again, as mentioned, the data is a little unfair to the Xbox Series X as direct gaming comparisons couldn’t be made. However, as of writing this is a good indication of the difference.

The key takeaway remains the same. There is little difference between the power consumption of both consoles so the impact on your electricity bill will be similar.

To see your own specific electricity costs, based on your usage and price per kWh, use the PS5 running cost calculator, here, or the Xbox Series X running cost calculator, here.

Your TV may, however, have a considerable impact on your bills – see how much it costs to run a TV, here.

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